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World Class Business Advice

Our work makes waves in the SME community. We deliver unparalleled results for business owners, helping companies win in today's turbulent environment.

Our wealth of knowledge covers the world's major industries and the most crucial business issues. Our network all have an extensive and broad range of expertise to help find solutions Our broad range of expertise and approach to tailor needs precisely to meet the needs of the business has enabled INTERLINK to develop new ideas that quickly become the standard.

                                                       By taking a holistic, analytical approach to our clients’ most challenging issues, we are able to develop solutions that deliver lasting value.

Our consulting systems are based on the approach of the big consulting entities such as KPMG, Accenture, BCG and McKinsey, and have been adapted to fit with the requirements of the SME market. In short, there is a strategic process behind every consulting programme guided by analysing each functional area of the business in turn, which helps formulate strategy selection and implementation. Every strategy is reviewed and measured to ensure it is on track at every stage, thereby giving confidence to the business owner, the process is delivering results. In doing so, we are able to offer a money back guarantee for our consulting programmes.

When working as an Interlink Business Solutions’ advisor you are supported through tried and tested systems and the experience of a global network. This will enable you to analyse all the functional areas of the business and thereby deliver a strategic solution for the client. These functional areas include:

• Sales
• Marketing
• Human Resources
• Finance
• Production

The objective for an Interlink Business Advisor is to help the business owner move their focus and time, away from working in the business, to working on their business' development. In doing so, this enables them to achieve sustainable, profitable growth and also more freedom to enjoy the lifestyle they have previously only dreamed about.

What sets the IBS business advising process apart is our unique combination of customised, strategic professional business advice. We provide the ongoing development of business owners’ own personal knowledge and skills for dealing with their business. Business advising is a two-way process between the advisor and business owner, to ensure that you both consistently meet targets and timeframes, providing a system that is accountable and results-oriented.

Whilst we are always seeking to refine what we do, in an every changing market, suffice to say that after working with over 7,000 clients our consulting systems are work, and deliver tangible results for business owners.
Physical Auditing using RAM’s Mobile app
Use your existing smart devices to:
•Flag items as transferred, located or missing
•Upload audited data to the central asset register
•Provide auditors with reliable, proven data
•Identify assets easily for insurance purposes
•Flag items as issued to 3rd parties

Record Management: How To Lighten The Load
Does the time it takes to find information slow down your business processes, not to mention customer service? 72% of companies claim that it’s harder to find information they own than information that they don’t. This guide describes how smart digitalisation and professional records management will help access for active files.

Online Meetings: The Ultimate Checklist
With this checklist, you’ll learn:
*How to prepare meetings in a really efficient way
*Why you should stick a picture behind your webcam
*How to do away with meeting minutes
*What needs to be done after each meeting

How to Build a Blinding Sales Team in 2015
If you want to expand and develop your business, a good sales team is the first step. But establishing what works and what doesn’t can often wind up being an expensive guessing game.
This guide takes you through the five steps every company should take in order to build a cohesive, ambitious and profitable sales team, from the initial evaluation of business needs, right through to rewards and incentives.

Getting on Your Customers' Wavelength
As the online world grows, so does the number of channels for customer interaction. Email remains a favourite while social media is growing steadily more popular.
But with Live Chat your customers benefit from rapid response as with social media, an open line of communication and the ability to store a log, just like in email. So how much of an impact can live chat have on your customer service program?
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